2016 Fall Arctic trip

NorthSTAR (formerly ISAMR) is a partnership between Kelvin High School, the University of Manitoba, University of Saskatchewan, Park School in Baltimore and the Churchill Junior Rangers.  Students work with Dr. Roth and Dr. Waterman from the University of Manitoba and Dr. Brooks from the University of Saskatchewan. 

This past October a group of students once again took the long trek up to Churchill to stay at the Churchill Northern Studies Center and spent a couple of days on a tundra buggy working with Dr. Waterman. We saw many bears and got fantastic pictures used to study body condition and to identify the bears using a Whisker Print program.  This year we even saw a mother bear and her two cubs.  A number of these students then continued to work with Dr. Waterman in the analysis of the data during the following months. 

They then presented their work at the Wildlife Society Meeting in Winnipeg and ArcticNet in Vancouver. It is great to work together with students from Baltimore and Churchill.  This year the students got to experience a Churchill Halloween, with all the emergency vehicles patrolling the streets to allow the kids to trick-or-treat safely during bear season.   ​


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