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2019ArcticNet conference

We had a fantastic time at the ArcticNet Conference in Halifax with students from Kelvin, Nelson Mac and Elmwood High School all travelling out to the far eastern shores of Canada. We started with a day of sight-seeing and went to visit the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove. We all stayed in a huge mansion in the Historic Properties of Halifax and enjoyed walking on the Halifax Boardwalk to get to the conference at the Convention Centre. We had the opportunity to go walking and running in Point Pleasant Park, tour the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, travel over to Dartmouth on the ferry, and visited the Science Discovery Center. We even had a fabulous seafood meal at Salty’s Restaurant right on the boardwalk!

At the conference, the students gave a presentation which focusses on the impacts of climate change on polar bears. The title of the presentation was: Biometrics of polar bears in a changing world: assessing body condition non-invasively near Churchill. The students joined over a thousand researchers at the conference. They presented well, made connections, and answered many questions. The students from Kelvin, Elmwood High School, and Nelson McIntyre all traveled up to Churchill in the fall to work with Dr. Waterman.

The main focus of this scientific conference is climate change and sustainability in the North. The mandate is to “address the numerous environmental, social, economical and political challenges and opportunities that are emerging from climate change and modernization in the North.” The attendees included researchers, graduate students, Inuit, Northerners, policymakers, stakeholders, and our high school students!

The students chose from hundreds of sessions and learned about: sustainable Harvesting in Nunavut, impacts of Recent Climate Change in the Coastal Area of Northern Yukon, food security in the coastal communities of the Canadian Arctic, the Tuktoyaktuk Community Climate Resilience Project, the trajectory of permafrost environments, assessing the impacts of vessel traffic on Beluga whales in the Eastern Beaufort Sea, and using seabirds to estimate the deposition of microplastics.

Here is a link to the conference site: ASM2019 - Halifax, NS


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